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    Next generation REACH-compliant universal no-clean tacky paste flux for soldering electronics. Improved formula demonstrates mighty action, smooth flow from the syringe and excellent ability to hold components in place. Clear residue is fully translucent allowing unobstructed control over the soldering process. Contains QC-Aid™ optical tracer for an immediate visual contamination inspection highlighting residues in UV/blacklight. The flux has a pleasant non-chemical scent. REACH-compliant making soldering incredibly easy and fun without harming the environment or human health. 

    Complete the assembly with STIRRI HydraCoat™ conformal nano-coating. HydraCoat shields the assembly in 8 seconds. PCB continues to work even if fully submerged! 

    Strong points:

    - Industrial-grade wetting capabilities.
    - Excellent ability to hold components in place.
    - Clear residue resisting to turn brown under high-heat.
    - Not-corrosive. No-clean - can be left on PCB.
    - Slow burning ratio - long lasting.
    - QC-Aid™ for instant visual inspection of cleaning.
    - Pleasant non-chemical scent.
    - Environmentally/health friendly.

    STIRRI is a modern prosumer product line made in the USA. High-end OEM chemicals made available to professionals and enthusiasts. 12 months shelf life (Amber Series - 24 months) 

    TACK & VISCOSITY: Contains sufficient amount of solids to stay put on the PCB - doesn’t spread over, but also not too thick - easy to clean. Holds components in-place yet allows for an easy repositioning by hot air. Smooth flow from the syringe - suitable for industrial component placement machines as well as handcraft rework and hobby use. Suspends BGA spheres creating a perfect activation environment for soldering leaded or lead-free solder balls or SMD solder paste - all-purpose flux!

    CLARITY & ODOR: Clear residue contains QC-Aid for instant PCB contamination inspection - the aid will glow in UV highlighting remaining residues for instant spot-cleaning. QC-Aid - Everyone can QC!™.  Cloud-free translucent material provides for a consistent unobstructed view of solder joints and IC pins while offering ultimate control over the soldering process and filling the air with pleasant non-chemical scent. Quick fix without fumes extractor will only make a workshop smell nice! 

    LONGEVITY & RESIDUE: Maintains stable performance under extended exposure to heat without turning into a dark gooey goop. Suitable for multi-step assembly - get back to a project a day or two later, once heated the flux will flow again without dropping performance. Dispensed in an amber syringes protecting the flux from the harms of environment extending the shelf life up to 2 years - a single tube lasts for a very long time!

    EASY SOLDERING & DESOLDERING: Implements upgraded booster for copper ions, visually noticeable while wicking the workspace regardless of the alloy leaded or lead-free. Instant action - quickly wets lead-free or leaded alloys delivering perfect shining joints. Clear residue can be easily removed by hot air, foam swab or HydraSweep Isopropanol. 


    Halogen-free ultra-low voiding universal SMD assembly


    Clasificación ROL0: no limpio y no corrosivo. Sin halogenuros (<0,05%). Resistente al aislamiento superficial. Sin avance del espejo de cobre. Baja migración electroquímica (caída <1 década)

    TDS - Ficha Técnica

    38-51 mPa/s (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25ºC (x 10³mPa/s))

    Descargo de responsabilidad

    La información contenida en este documento se basa en datos técnicos que creemos que son confiables y está destinada a ser utilizada por personas con habilidades relevantes bajo su propio riesgo. Los consumidores deben realizar sus propias pruebas para determinar la idoneidad de cada producto para su proceso particular y tomar medidas de seguridad. Los fabricantes/revendedores no asumen ninguna responsabilidad por los resultados obtenidos o los daños incurridos mediante la aplicación de los datos presentados.

    Limpieza "sin limpieza"

    “No-clean” indica el método de limpieza definido por el estándar IPC y no significa que el fundente no deje residuos. Más bien, no limpiar significa que el fundente se puede dejar en la PCB durante varios conjuntos SMT consecutivos, pero tampoco causará corrosión si se deja indefinidamente. Sin embargo, la limpieza puede ser necesaria y deseable. Los fundentes que no requieren limpieza se eliminan fácilmente utilizando solventes industriales en dispositivos ultrasónicos o usando removedores de residuos de fundente disponibles comercialmente como STIRRI HydraSweep™.

    Kit de dispensación

    Este producto no incluye ningún kit dispensador: ¡una compra por separado!

    El kit de dispensación es un complemento para la dispensación manual, que se utiliza para crear presión con un émbolo de forma similar a una jeringa médica.

    Las jeringas de aire destinadas a máquinas dispensadoras neumáticas utilizan un tapón de pistón en lugar de un émbolo. ¡No retire el pistón ya que ofrece el mejor sellado evitando el contacto con el aire!


    Este material está certificado conforme a REACH: no utiliza ninguna materia prima de la lista restringida de sustancias de gran preocupación de REACH.

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    Fabricado en los EE. UU. según los estándares industriales aplicables. ¡100% de satisfacción del cliente garantizada!

    Liquid-proof the assembly with Nano-Coating - dries in less than 8 seconds

    STIRRI HydraCoat™ is a liquid repellent making PCB liquid proof, instantly improving assembly value!

    With an impressive droplet contact angle of over 113º, this nonconducting solution creates an invisible hydrophobic shield repelling weather, humidity, moisture - coated PCB continues to function even when fully submerged!

    Broadly suited for consumer devices, automotive circuits, urban and landscaping lightning, LED, medical or electronic devices, marine, boating and yachting industries.

    Dry to touch in less than 8 seconds, self cures in 24 hrs or 10 min in 60ºC chamber.

    STIRRI's Conformal nano-coating ensures end-customer satisfaction while virtually eliminating assembly claims due to environmental or consumer liquid damages.

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